Cyberpunk 2077

During the presentation of the announcement Cyberpunk 2077, nobody expected, like the Spanish Inquisition, the eternally young Keanu Reeves as one of the characters. On the video showing what awaits players in 2020 Keanu looks like it is alive, with all the details. How did they do it?

For a long time, the technology allows creators to transfer real characters to the digital world and they do it great. The games seem to be real movie frames, and in the movies, the creators can afford more and more tricks thanks to 3D technology. It is thanks to scanning and 3D modeling that we are able to lead the game with a person with a familiar face. How does it look from the kitchen?

3D scanning is the perfect solution for playing photorealistic characters in the digital world. The system combines the best technology to capture high resolution topologies as well as extremely detailed texture maps.

3D scanners can look like complicated technology. But if you think about it, these are devices that create digital replicas of physical objects with three-dimensional properties. A small device emitting completely human-safe structural light, otherwise white, takes the real image into the digital world. It gives the possibility of identical reproduction of the scanned object.

However, the object itself in the computer is not everything, it still has to move. Here comes the action of motion capture technique, i.e. scanning of specific gestures, behaviors and basic facial expressions. Keanu Reeves himself had contact with this technique during the filming of the Matrix, so he knew perfectly well what it was. Together with the specialists of CD Projekt RED, Reeves created a library of facial expressions and gestures, and then recreated several scenes. Keanu himself remembers it as a great fun. Games are governed by their own laws and are slightly different from films – in games, sometimes there is a lack of dynamics, the character stands and waits for the player’s reaction and decision. A character can not stand stiffly, must show a gesture of impatience and in some way influence the player. A character modeled on Keany in such situations tilts his head to the side and says “come” or “come on anymore”.

Experience and fun while creating the characters were not the only reasons Reeves agreed to participate in the production. As he said, “games have changed completely since my time, especially when it comes to technology used to tell stories.” That’s what convinced him to participate in the work on “Cyberpunk 2077”.

The game is scheduled to premiere April 16, 2020, but now, judging by the reactions of fans, it will be a huge success.